The National Integrity Framework

The National Integrity Framework was developed by Sport Integrity Australia as an independent government agency to keep sport safe and fair.

The Framework is a set of rules that all members of a sport need to follow when it comes to their behaviour and conduct.

The National Integrity Framework includes:

These policies outline what types of behaviour are unacceptable in your sport – these behaviours are called Prohibited Conduct. Prohibited Conduct is an action that is a breach of a policy – for example, bullying is Prohibited Conduct under the Member Protection Policy.

Any person or organisation who breaches a policy may be Sanctioned. A Sanction could range from mandatory education to a ban from participating.

The Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy explains how complaints are assessed and people or organisations who have breached a National Integrity Framework policy are held accountable for doing the wrong thing.

In the past, complaints about someone’s behaviour were managed by the sport’s National Sporting Organisation, or State Sporting Organisation. Under the National Integrity Framework, Sport Integrity Australia will review all Complaints about behaviour which might be considered Prohibited Conduct under one of the policies.

Sport Integrity Australia will also make the decision about any Sanction to be imposed. This means the handling of integrity issues is done independent of the sport, which reduces the risk of any perceived conflict of interest and allows National Sporting Organisations to focus their time and efforts on running the sport.

What does it mean for me? 

If you are a member of a sport that has signed up to the National Integrity Framework and someone behaves poorly by breaching one of the policies, you can make a Complaint about the breach to Sport integrity Australia. It also means that if you breach a National Integrity Framework policy, you could be Sanctioned.

Make a complaint under the Sports Integrity Australia National Framework?

Complaints in relation to breaches under the National Integrity Framework will be managed independently by Sport Integrity Australia. Anyone can make a complaint by:

Below are some simple tips to remember when considering lodging a complaint with Sport Integrity Australia.

  • Anyone can make a complaint.
  • Only complaints relating to allege breaches of prohibited conduct under the National Integrity Framework can be submitted to Sport Integrity Australia.
  • Complaints can only be actioned if the person who allegedly committed the behaviour is bound by our sport (i.e. they must have agreed to be bound by the policy via membership or agreement).

Complaints relating to selections, governance, personal grievances, whistleblower or code of conduct are not covered under the National Integrity Framework. 

For complaints of these nature please follow the CaliVic Complaint Handling Process