Points of Interest

When you are in the midst of competitions, you may like to remember that the Adjudicator is not just a person who arrives to give a critique of work; but someone like yourself who devotes a lot of time to Calisthenics. Many adjudicators are on various committees and work very hard to represent ASCA. Some of these committees are the Adjudicators Advisory Board (AAB), CVI Committee of Management, Victorian Competition Committee, Australian Calisthenic Federation Committee of Management. Some Adjudicators are also ACF Skills Examiners, coaches and Coach Course Presenters.

Calisthenics adjudicators were represented at every conference from 1993 – 2000 organised by the National Officiating Program (NOP).

Each year from 1995 – 2000, an adjudicator was awarded the National Officiating Program Official of the Year. Brenda Green presented a paper on Calisthenics at the Adjudicators Accreditation Program at the International Coaches and Officiators Conference in Brisbane in 1996.

Brenda worked with the National Officiating Program (NOP) and, in 2003, gained deserved recognition of Calisthenic adjudicators by receiving the Eunice Gill Award, in acknowledgment of her outstanding service to the Australian Calisthenic Federation. The Eunice Gill award is dedicated to Ms Gill in memory of her significant contribution to Australian Sport and the Confederation of Australian Sport, (now Sport Industry Australia). The category for Brenda’s section was “for special contribution over a period of time to a member in an honorary capacity”.  Three awards were presented in that year, the other two to Rugby League International and Yachting Australia.

Calisthenics was the first female sport to be accepted into the inaugural National Officiators Accreditation Scheme along with the AFL and international sports of Men’s Ice Hockey, Basketball, Gymnastics and Rugby Union.

Our Risk Management Program has been promoted at the Australian Sports Commission as a model of best practice and has been used by other sports in establishing their own program.