Member Registration


Register with Calisthenics Victoria  for 2021!

The following clubs have unique registration links –¬† please contact your club directly if their member link is not available when clicking on their name below.

Balmoral Findon Leawarra
Bentleigh Geelong Melton
Berwick Greater Valley Mildura
Ceres Hawthorn Newport
Chadstone Horsham Pentland
Cranbourne Janelle Regency
Crown Jayde Regent
Doncaster Jeaden Robynmore
Donvale Keyzpark Sterling
Eltham Kingston Sunbury
Emmanuel Larinda Tooradin

Membership Registration Coverage

Calisthenics Victoria registration fee includes the following:

  • Insurance
  • Rules, policies and support
  • General administration of sport
  • Sport development
  • Training of volunteers
  • Club support
  • Governance and guidance
  • Marketing & Communications and membership support
  • Australian Calisthenics Federation Affiliation