The Calisthenics Victoria personal accident insurance can assist in covering some medical expenses not already covered by Medicare and private health insurance, provided the accident which caused the injury occurred at a registered Calisthenics class/competition with a Level 1/2 Coach in attendance. The insurance is not a health fund policy, so if your Doctor/Specialist charges more than the Medicare rebate you may be left with out-of pocket expenses, commonly called the “Medicare Gap”.

The following outlines the reimbursement programme:
– Non Medicare Medical Benefits: 85% reimbursement, $2,000 per claim, $50 excess per claim
– Loss of income: $350 per week (maximum weekly benefit), 52 week benefit period

Not included in the coverage:
– Medicare items
– The Medicare Gap
– Injuries sustained whilst playing against medical advice

Insurance claim forms can be obtained from the CVI office and must be lodged within 120 days of the date of injury. Please phone 9562 6011 to have the relevant forms posted out to you.

Sometimes recovery from an injury can take time and careful handling to ensure a good outcome.  As insurance does not cover a pre-existing injury, a participant should obtain a written clearance from a medical practitioner before resuming training.

Please note that if a participant is wearing a plaster cast, (e.g fractured arm), then they will not be covered by accident insurance.  It is then the parent’s and Club’s decision on whether a pupil participates in class/competition.  Parents should be notified in writing that the pupil is not covered by insurance, but this does not ensure that the Club would not be held liable for future medical costs, should the participant further injure themselves at the class/competition.

Accident insurance does not cover an unborn child, or complications with the pregnancy. If a participant wishes to continue with the sport whilst pregnant, they should obtain a clearance from their medical practitioner on a monthly basis.  There is no set rule as to when they stop participating in the sport.