Return to Class: 28 July 2021

In line with Victorian Government announcements on Tuesday please find below a summary of the restrictions in place for the next two weeks beginning on Tuesday 27th July at 11:59pm. Please note as has been the custom during the roll out of lockdowns, finer details or changes to these details may become apparent in the Restricted Activity Direction (RAD), once this is released our Return to Class Protocols will be updated and placed on our website.

Classes can resume as follows:

  • Masks required in all settings (unless fully exerting self) or exemption applies
  • Maximum of 100 people per indoor space or 300 per outdoor space subject to density limits
  • Density cap of 1 per 4sqm
  • Groups size limited to the minimum number required to facilitate the sport (ie: coaches & performers)
  • COVID-19 Check-in Marshal must be present ensuring all members check-in
  • Contact is allowed
  • No spectators allowed unless necessary to conduct the class (carers/parents/guardians). Any parents/guardians/carers must be included within space and density limits
  • Any equipment must be cleaned before and between use