COVID-19 Update: 4 February 2021

As per the Victorian Government announcement last night, please find below information on the current updated restrictions as they relate to calisthenics effective from 11:59pm 3rd February 2021.


  • Masks are mandatory at all indoor classes for all performers aged 13 years and over unless undertaking strenuous physical activity that leaves  breathless
  • Coaches must wear masks unless actively giving instructions (and then must be put back on)
  • All parents/visitors must wear masks

Test and Isolate

Any members that have visited the Tier 1 exposure sites during the times listed by the government must immediately isolate and get a coronavirus test and remain isolated for 14 days. A current list of locations can be found here –

At this stage all other protocols remain as per the COVIDSafe Summer Step (ie: density and class limits).