2023 Metro Solo Season Update & Expressions of Interest Open

Thank you to everyone who completed the 2022 Solo Season Survey. We received a variety of responses from across the community and this has helped inform decisions moving forward. In line with the Metro Solo Competition Review Project, responses to the 2022 Solo Season Survey and the CaliVic Strategic Plan, the 2023 solo season will see the following implemented.


  • A new entry process and timeline will be introduced, allowing more time for entrants to make full payment, more time for competitions to schedule and an earlier release of schedules
    • 8 September: Expression of interest opens
    • 18 September: Expression of interest closes
    • 26 October: Grading released via email
    • 28 October: Competition entries open
    • 18 November: Competition entries close (50% payment due)
    • 20 January: Balance of entry fees due

ACTION – The expression of interest is now open for all performers intending to compete in solos in 2023. You will be asked to provide performer details and an indication of which disciplines and competitions you plan to enter. This is not a formal entry process but will assist with grading, venue bookings and planning. Submissions close on Sunday 18 September at 11:59pm: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WPDBYLH


  • Regional grading will continue for Novice and will be introduced for Elementary
  • Additional divisions will be created within Novice
  • Duos will continue to be graded (dependent on entry numbers)
  • Grading will be based on average points received in 2022 (based on number of competitions entered) rather than total points
  • Further information about grading and the appeals process will be available when grading is released in October

Survey results:

  • 85% of respondents liked the introduction of regional grading for Novice
  • 74% of respondents were in favour of Novice being graded further
  • 92% of respondents liked the introduction of grading for Duos
  • 78% of respondents were in favour of grading being based on average points


  • Sub Junior Graceful will continue
  • Tinies Cali Solo & Masters Duo will continue and will be added to the full season
  • Masters Cali Solo, Masters Graceful and Sub Junior Duo will be introduced as part of the full season
  • Senior Trio will remain as a trial and Junior & Intermediate Trios will be introduced as a trial (3 performance opportunities) – Trios will remain separate to Duos

Below is a summary of disciplines offered to each age group in 2023. Performers can compete in all disciplines offered in their age group*.

  • Tinies (5-7 years): Cali Solo
  • Sub Juniors: Cali Solo, Graceful, Duo
  • Juniors: Cali Solo, Graceful, Duo, Trio
  • Intermediates: Cali Solo, Graceful, Duo, Trio
  • Seniors: Cali Solo, Graceful, Duo, Trio
  • Masters: Cali Solo, Graceful, Duo

Survey results:

  • 84% of respondents liked the introduction of new items (Sub Junior Graceful, Tinies Cali Solo, Masters Duo & Senior Trio)
  • 72% of respondents thought these items should be offered as part of the full season
  • 88% of respondents liked Juniors & Inters being offered the opportunity to compete in 3 disciplines
  • 57% of respondents were in favour of introducing Sub Junior Duo
  • 69% of respondents were in favour of introducing Masters Cali Solo or Graceful
  • 62% of respondents were in favour of offering Trios in more age groups (of these respondents – 5% Tinies, 18% Sub Juniors, 62% Juniors, 92% Inters, 31% Masters)
  • 62% of respondents were not in favour of combining duo and trio sections


  • Please see the table on the following page for a proposed outline of dates & venues
  • Performers will have the opportunity to enter up to 6 competitions – 4 local competitions, State Championships and Ballaarat Solo Competition
  • We are implementing a structure that includes some weekends based on age group and some weekends for all age groups, to assist with scheduling
  • There will be no Friday night competitions for local comps & State Champs
  • The Ballaarat Solo Competition will be held after State Championships, allowing all performers to choose if they would like to enter this competition
  • We are exploring opportunities for another regional solo competition open to regional performers only
  • We are unable to offer the opportunity for entrants to select their specific competition host at the time of entries, as allocations are based on entries received

Survey results:

  • In response to the number of competitions offered, 3% selected 3 competitions, 18% selected 4 competitions, 35% selected 5 competitions and 43% selected 6 competitions
  • 61% of respondents did not like Friday night competitions
  • 49% of respondents preferred alternating weekends based on age/item, and 51% of respondents preferred all ages/items every weekend


  • Skills will not be a requirement for competitive solos*, to enable participation for all performers, in line with our focus on participation and inclusion
  • Along with the Victorian Skills Convenor, the VCC will look into the Skills requirement for future years
  • We encourage all performers to continue to take part in the Skills program as a valuable tool to enhance their calisthenics performances, as the program improves technique, fitness, flexibility, coordination, rhythm, musicality, deportment and poise, along with providing a sense of personal achievement and confidence

Survey results:

  • 68% of respondents were in favour of the Skills program being a prerequisite for solo eligibility
  • A number of respondents indicated in the comments that the requirement is a barrier to participation and inclusion

Introductory Display

  • The introductory display will continue
  • There will be two performance opportunities – one in the North-West and one in the South-East
  • These opportunities will be open to all ages and Cali Solo, Graceful & Duo will be offered
  • Performers who wish to participate in the display do not need to complete the EOI
  • Further information will be available later in the year and entries will open in 2023

Survey results:

  • 97% of respondents felt that the Introductory Display should continue in the future
  • A number of respondents indicated in the comments they would like more locations and items offered

*Please note: clubs have the right to implement their own eligibility requirements for solos to manage club, coach and venue capacity if needed.