Withdrawals & Refunds


To protect the health of all performers and the community, performers must not attend competitions should they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms. Refunds of entry fees will be available to performers needing to withdraw due to sickness/exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. A medical certificate or evidence of COVID-19 Test must be provided to support any refund request due to sickness.

No other refunds will be offered after entries close (except for scheduling clashes mentioned above).

Extenuating circumstances can be submitted to the CaliVic office for consideration (eg: injury ruling competitor out of entire season, close contact isolation requirement).

Medical certificates/evidence must be provided to support extenuating circumstances and must be submitted by midnight Monday after scheduled appearance.

To submit a refund request: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/cvi/surveys/2791/

Please ensure you follow the withdrawal process outlined above as well as submitting your refund application. Refund applications will be reviewed at the end of each competition weekend and not prior.