To ensure all Calisthenics Victoria Coaches are embedding Child Safety into their coaching, it is important that Child Safety Policies and Procedures are the starting point to help manage Child Safeguarding.

Clubs are required to have these Policies and Procedures in place, making it easily accessible for ALL coaches to be made aware of, read through each policy and procedure, asked questions if unsure and importantly know the consequences if a coach has breached a policy.

Calisthenics Victoria requires ALL coaches to have a clear-understanding and appropriate training to be taken regarding what is and is not acceptable within a Calisthenics Environment. How one performer responds will be different to another performer, so we need to ensure that ALL coaches can be sufficiently supported to protect themselves, their reputation and the Calisthenics Club. Clubs can feel secure with the knowledge that they are doing everything they can to protect their members and volunteers.

Calisthenics Victoria requires ALL Helpers, Preliminary members, Foundational Members, Recreational Coach, Level 1 Coach, Level 2 Coach and Non-Coaching Member to:

It is an additional requirement for ALL Recreational Coaches, Level 1 Coaches and Level 2 Coaches:

  1. Child Safeguarding in Sport Induction
  2. PBTRs – Child Protection and Safeguarding

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