Leading Clubs

Designed to assist Clubs to identify, prioritise and implement effective management strategies.

The Calisthenics Victoria Leading Clubs Program is a quality assurance program endorsed by Sport and Recreation Victoria and VicSport, designed to assist clubs to identify, prioritise and implement effective management strategies to meet the changing demands on calisthenic clubs.

Launched at Calisthenics Victoria’s Annual General Meeting in 2013 the program is designed to assist clubs to develop in the following key areas; Administration, Governance, Membership, Communication, Sports Development, Marketing and Promotion

Through the Leading Club Program Calisthenics Victoria will provide:

  • Tools and resources to educate, support and recognise club volunteers, coaches, parents and pupils
  • Policy, procedure and planning templates in order to reduce complaints or general issues

Calisthenics Victoria is currently updating our Leading Clubs program to reflect recent legislative changes to ensure we are providing our membership with the best governance possible.

Thank you to those clubs who have submitted paperwork to either advance or obtain a level over the past few months.

If you are currently in the process of finalising or completing a leading clubs accreditation please pause while we refresh the documents and update the requirements. Child Safety will be an ongoing requirement of Leading Clubs so we encourage clubs to continue doing the necessary work in this space in the meantime.

If you have any questions or are looking to do any further club development please contact