Child Safety Standard 6 – People working with children and young people are suitable and supported to reflect child safety and well-being values in practice.

Clubs should focus on

  1. Recruitment, including advertising, referee checks, and staff and volunteer pre-employment screening, emphasize child safety and wellbeing.
  2. Relevant staff and volunteers have current WWCC or equivalent background checks.
  3. All staff and volunteers receive appropriate induction and are aware of their responsibilities to children and young people, including record keeping, information sharing and reporting obligations.
  4. Ongoing supervision and people management are focused on child safety and well-being.

Documents required for compliance

  •  Employment advertising needs to include a commitment to child safety and well-being.
  • All position descriptions set and demonstrate clear expectations in the role, regarding requirements, duties, and responsibilities regarding child safety.
  • Organizational recruitment, human resources and volunteering policies describe:
  • Those within recruitment positions understand those who they appoint in roles are suitable to work with children, in line with policies.
  • Pre-employment screening practices include interviewing, referee checks, WWCC and other registration or background checking.
  • Requirements for an induction about the organisation’s child safety practices.
  • How supervision and people management practices will support ongoing assessment of a person’s suitability to work with children.
  • Induction documents for staff and volunteers.
  • The code of conduct.
  • The Child Safety and Well-being policy.
  • Information about the organization’s child safety practices and complaints process as well as reporting, record keeping, and information sharing obligations.

Actions required for compliance

  • The ability of a candidate to fulfill the child safety requirements of each role is assessed before the recruitment of new staff and volunteers, inclusive of:
  • Qualification, experience, and attributes.
  • Duties and responsibilities with children.
  • Measures required to manage any child abuse or harm risk including screening, abuse or harm risks, training, and supervision requirements.
  • Information and guidance are given to staff on how to make child safety a priority in the recruitment process, including how to identify and manage any child safety concerns raised through the application, interview, and screening process.
  • The recruitment process is inclusive of a rigorous process, attentive to the details of child protection, inclusive of
  • Values based-interview questions to establish suitability to work with children.
  • Pre-employment screening practices include referee checks, WWCC and other registration or background checking.
  • Verification that required qualifications, registrations and working with children checks are valid and up to date.
  • Keeping records of the recruitment process.

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