Child Safety Standard 4 – Families and communities are informed and involved in promoting Child Safety and well-being.

Clubs should focus on

  1. Families participate in decisions affecting their children.
  2. The organization engages and openly communicates with families and the community about its child safe approach and relevant information is accessible.
  3. Families and communities have a say in the development and review of the organization’s policies and practices.
  4. Families, carers and the community are informed about the organization’s operations and governance.

Documents required for compliance

  • All policies and procedures must reflect the importance of family and community involvement.
  • Complaint handling policies include.
  • Procedures for keeping families informed and guide how to do this while complying with privacy and confidentiality laws.

Actions required for compliance

  • Promote and support family inclusion in creating a child safe environment, through communication, while actively advertising the roles and responsibilities regarding child safety standards in the club openly.
  • Promote an open and transparent relationship with families and communities about all things child safety, especially resources, access to resources, policies surrounding complaints and input from families and communities regarding child safety.
  • Feedback opportunities are created for families, those in the community and the performers, and the feedback is actively acted on.

Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers

E-Safety Guide for Adults