Child Safety Standard 10

Child Safety Standard 10 – Implementation of the Child Safe Standards is regularly reviewed and improved.

Clubs should focus on

  1. The organization regularly reviews, evaluates, and improves child-safe practices.
  2. Complaints, concerns, and safety incidents are analyzed to identify causes and systemic failures to inform continuous improvement.
  3. The organization reports on the findings of relevant reviews to staff and volunteers, community and families, and children and young people

Documents required for compliance

  •  All policies and procedures have a regular review period indicated in the document.
  • Reports document any child safety and wellbeing reviews and findings.

Actions required for compliance

  • Records of complaints, concerns, allegations, and actions taken to respond.
  • Complaints, concerns, safety incidents, or significant breaches of policy are examined to understand what caused the issues and if these are a result of the clubs policies and procedures and if there are improvements that can be made to prevent these problems from reoccurring.
  • Improvements and considerations are constantly made in consideration;
  • Of analysis or complaints, concerns, safety incidents, and significant breaches of policy.
  • Feedback from performers, officials, staff, volunteers, or the community.
  • Understanding if the club has fully implemented the 11 standards.
  • All reports of the reviews are shared with the club’s performers, officials, staff, volunteers and the community.

11 Child Safe Standards 

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