Applying to Become an Adjudicator

This begins with submitting a CV by the 31st of August for commencement the following year. The CV should outline all calisthenics training, coaching experience, workshops and seminars attended, relevant adjudicating experience (i.e. timing, writing) and any other qualifications that are relevant to Calisthenics (i.e. dance experience, gymnastics, theatre, university courses, TAFE courses, etc).  Candidates should be well rounded in Calisthenics and must show progression and variety of coaching experience through the divisions, age groups or regions.

Once the application is submitted, it is discussed at committee level. If all requirements are met, the candidate will be interviewed and will sit an entrance exam.  At all times applications are considered on an individual basis.

Please email the ASCA for further information: .  The cut-off date for applications is the 31st August for entry in the following year.

ASCA contributes to both the CaliVic Clublink (Judge’s Journal) and the Victorian Calisthenic Coaches Association (VCCA) Newsletter to promote understanding and communication with the wider Calisthenic community, so keep an eye out for the next edition.