Team Items


Team Items

Figure Marching

Correct deportment is essential in Figure March as the team strives to create many intricate formations and patterns. Uniformity of style is another fundamental requirement as rhythm and precision within the team must be identical.  As with all Calisthenics items, teamwork is important.

Club Swinging

Club Swinging is considered to be the hardest item to achieve correctly. It involves swinging clubs smoothly, with perfect rhythm, timing and planing. This item has become more challenging over time with team members often being required to move through formations and execute dance steps while performing intricate swings.

Free Exercises

Free Exercises involves a series of strong movements showing flexibility, control and uniformity of rhythm. These fast paced routines test stamina and often display imaginative choreography and include gymnastic style movements. Teamwork, equality in execution and control are important to this item. Team members perform with 'free arms' that is, holding no apparatus.

Rod Exercises

A Rods routine has the same key elements of precision and uniformity as Free Exercises and Figure March. The quick and constant manipulation of the rod combined with footwork and flexibility demonstrate high levels of co-ordination, and make this item exciting to watch.

Aesthetic Exercises

Aesthetics is a ballet influenced item which displays the team’s ability to interpret music and perform with grace and elegance. It shows soft and flowing movements, enabling facial and body expressions to be shown. Creative choreography and interpretation gives this item the ability to evoke emotion and empathy from the audience.

Rhythmical Interpretation

Rhythmic can be based on balletic or contemporary dance styles. The key elements of this item are correct technique, natural grace, dance quality, poise and interpretation of the theme. Due to the strength and techniques involved, this routine is only taught in the older age groups and higher divisions.

Rhythmical Aesthetic

A combination of the Aesthetic Exercises and Rythmical Interpretation; this item must include a balance between elevated and stationary movements.

Character/Folk Dance

Formerly known as Folk Dance, this item is based strongly around a theme and the team’s ability to portray the character of their theme through dance. Correct technique, uniformity and interpretation are all important in this vibrant item. Mime, acting and creativity bring this item to life.

Action Song

Action Song is a routine where a team can present a musical item comprising of singing, acting and choreographed movements. This item is only performed by the younger sections and is always a favourite. Creativity and storytelling are essential elements of this item and are enhanced by costuming, stage properties and the enthusiasm of the team members.

Song and Dance

Singing and dancing have equal value in this cabaret and jazz inspired item, though it does extend across all genres of dance. Teams sing, dance and perform their routines to their chosen song or theme. The singing and dance styles included must also be in keeping with the theme. Uniformity of technique, rhythm and style are important as is vibrancy and expression.

Calisthenic Revue

Creativity and entertainment are the keys to this item which allows great freedom in choreographic creativity. Items are often complex and clever and can represent mini-productions. Teams are encouraged to combine aspects of calisthenics with dancing, singing, acting, comedy and clever costuming - all designed to delight and entertain the audience.

Dance Arrangement

Based on modern dance styles, Dance Arrangement is a new item that allows coaches to explore music choices and dance forms. Teams must combine their calisthenics technique and musical interpretation to showcase their dance skills. Uniformity, placement, consistency and control of movement are also important.