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TryBooking is more than an online ticketing and registrations system. Experience a stress-free way to manage your event with us. We are here to guide you in setting up your event and streamline the process for you. Our Australian based Client Services team have the passion and knowledge to make your event stand out! We are proud to partner with Calisthenics Victoria. TryBooking is adaptable and caters for all that your Club needs, including: Competition registrations, Competition ticketing with interactive seating plans, Costume hire reservations, Term fees, Uniform orders and DVD sales There's a host of features that enable you to manage your event - keep track of sales with real-time reporting and print out a door list prior to your event. To book a complimentary demonstration to see how TryBooking can benefit your Club, email team@trybooking.com or call 03 9012 3460. We can help you to set up an event, or review your event for you. www.trybooking.com 

Nova Caravans leads the way in luxury caravan design and manufacturing. Our focus is on giving you the best holiday and travelling experience possible.
With cutting edge design, functionality and innovation along with a nationwide dealership network, you will love your Nova Caravan.
To find out more visit the Nova Caravan website on 

Our Corporate Sponsors



WinkiPoP offers a dynamic range of professional event photography services across Australia.
These incredible photographers capture the beautiful and striking art of Calisthenics by photographing live performances and behind the scenes moments. 
We greatly appreciate WinkiPoP's sponsorship and support as we aim to grow and promote our sport and look forward to all of the photographs they will take during the year.


 Garrleigh Trophy Centre has been a caring family owned and operated business
with the basic principle of providing excellent service, top quality products, and the best prices for over 40 years.
We greatly appreciate the ongoing support from Garrleigh Trophy Centre.