The 2017 Nov-December Skills Exam period is being held between November 20th and December 17th at various Melbourne venues plus regional centres – Sale, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong & Warrnambool.

Registrations at open Wed. August 9th (5.00pm) to Mon. October 2nd (10.00pm). Accessible links:


Entry Fees (include ACF Fee, Vic. administration fee & GST):

Victorian Fees 2017 Amount
Group Assessments Tests 1 & 2 $21.20/candidate
Tests 1 & 2 $24.20/candidate
Test 3 / Grade 1 / Standard Gd 1 $34.70/candidate
Grades 2 – 4 / Standard Gds 2-4              $42.70/candidate

Important aspects regarding On-line Entry Registration, Late Entries, Withdrawals, Replacements, Entry level alterations and Candidates’ non-availability during the exam period are itemised in the document 2017 Nov-December Skills Exams Entry Information – menu left of screen, downloadable documents. It is important to read and understand these guidelines before processing entries on-line.

All queries to be addressed to – Elizabeth Hickey, CVI Convenor at


After results release of the 2017 Nov-December Skills Exams, Supplementary Examinations with defined entry criteria are available to candidates to achieve their 2018 CVI solo entry requirements, if they’ve been unsuccessful in the 2017 Nov-December Skills Exams. Complete information is available in the document 2017-18 Vic. Skills Supplementary Exam Information – menu left of screen, downloadable documents.

All queries to be addressed to – Elizabeth Hickey, CVI Convenor at



All Tests / Grade Syllabi have been revised in recent years, ensuring that the program remains viable. Assessments have also been updated to reflect these changes.

Examinations are conducted as per the written syllabi.  Videos are a guide only and should not replace a coach.

Current written syllabi can be viewed/downloaded from the ACF website with amendments highlighted in RED.

The complete range of Calisthenic Skills videos are available to view online via the ACF YouTube Channel.  ACF Website –