State Team

We have a number of High Performance opportunities including a State Team and Elite Performance Program.

State Team

Calisthenics Victoria has the opportunity to send teams, from Sub-Juniors to Seniors, to the ACF National Competition, traditionally held each year by a different host state.

In 2017, Victoria’s teams competed in Sydney at the NIDA Theatre, with the Junior team winning the National Titles and the Senior team coming Runners-Up.   We congratulate all of our performers, their coaches and support crew on a fabulous Nationals campaign.

International and Domestic

In 2016, we introduced a new program, the Elite Performance Program, to Victorian Calisthenics. This program offered Victorian Calisthenics Performers the opportunity to train and perform on the international and domestic stage.

The Elite Performance Program aims to enhance the reputation and understanding of Calisthenics internationally and domestically and provide coaches and participants with:

  • a memorable international career highlight
  • the opportunity to perform at an international iconic performing arts venue
  • high profile local performing opportunities at a selection of Victoria’s many showcase arts, cultural and sporting events
  • a pathway to demonstrate skills at the highest level of performance

International Opportunity

The overseas element of the Elite Performance Program in 2016 took place in July 2016, for approximately 9 days and offered 40 performers (across Junior, Intermediate, and Senior sections), the opportunity to visit and perform at Disneyland, Anaheim, Los Angeles, United States of America.

A committee of volunteers accompany the group, including an Independent Travel Manager, a Calisthenics Tour Manager and support crew. Families are welcome to travel with the group. The cost in 2016 was under $5,000 per performer, and included tuition, costumes, entry fees, accommodation and flights.