Nova Caravans are supporting the health of the Victorian State Team

“Unique”, “Innovative” and “Australian” are just three of the things calisthenics has in common with Calisthenics Victoria’s newest sponsor – Nova Caravans.

A Victorian business owned by the Cataldo family, Nova Caravans has been a market leader in luxury touring caravans since 2006…and for even longer, their family has been involved with calisthenics.

Calisthenics Victoria CEO, Matthew Brown is excited by the new partnership and said “Nova Caravans are leaders in their field, who are constantly seeking to improve their products for their customer.  Innovation, customer service and training are fundamental to their business – all things that resonate with the work we are doing at Calisthenics Victoria to improve our sport.”

“Through the generous support of Nova Caravans, CVI has been able to provide additional support to the 2017 Victorian State Team through the provision of physiotherapy and nutrition (dietitian) services to the 2017 Victorian State Team members. On site assessment, treatment along with provision of guidelines about injuries the state team members have the best care available to  ensure optimal performance and enjoyment – all thanks to the support from Nova Caravans.”

Business owner of Nova Caravans, Robert Cataldo said, “We are proud to support Calisthenics Victoria and the 2017 Victorian State Team.  We know how important sport and recreation is to people of all ages, and we love what calisthenics has given our family, and so many others, over the years.”

“At Nova Caravans we are continually looking at our manufacturing, streamlining processes, training, and looking outside our industry for new products and new ways to advance,” said Robert.  “I believe that the level of training and performance expected of the state team members is equal to that of elite athletes in other sports, and the addition of regular and professional physiotherapy support to the team is one way that calisthenics can advance.”
“Our goal at Nova Caravans this year, is to surpass our own expectations and stand out from the crowd, and we hope that the Victorian State Teams do exactly that at the National competition in July.”

46 Metrolink Circuit, Campbellfield Vic, 03 9930 0900