Member Protection

Member Protection

Member Protection means that all people associated with an organisation or association including participants, administrators, coaches, officials and adjudicators, participate in the organisation's activity in an environment free from inappropriate behaviour such as harassment, discrimination or abuse. Members should be aware of the ACF Member Protection Policy which can be found to your right. 

If you have a grievance within your Club, your first step should be to approach an official at your Club or your Coach, depending on the type of grievance you have. In some instances it may be appropriate to contact the police. The Play By The Rules website will give you more insight into what constitutes a complaint and the processes you can take to resolve your grievance.
Play By The Rules

In some cases, Clubs may require a mediator to assist with the resolution of a dispute. Mediators do not make decisions about complaints, but assist each party to come to an agreement about the dispute. Please contact the CVI Office if you would like to speak to a mediator.

As the State Sporting Association for Calisthenics, CVI have trained Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO's) available to all CVI members.

Member Protection Information Officer

An MPIO is the person responsible for providing information and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as support during the process. An MPIO is not responsible for investigating matters, advising, or advocating for the complainant.

This is your first point of call should you have a complaint that cannot be resolved within your Club environment.

For further information or to make a complaint please contact
CVI's MPIO Erica O'Brien

Grievance Officer and Procedure

If a complaint extends beyond the responsibilities of an MPIO, meaning the complaint cannot be resolved informally or facts of the complaint need to be investigated, the complaints handling process will move into a formal grievance procedure. CVI have a trained Grievance Officer available should the complaint warrant their involvement.

To your right you will find an abstract from the CVI Constitution detailing the grievance procedure. 

For further information or to have your complaint investigated please contact CVI's Grievance Officer.

Complaint Handling

The Australian Sports Commission has developed free online training courses for complaints handling. The course contains seven interactive modules, each taking about half an hour to complete. Once you log into the course you have 12 months in which to complete all modules. We strongly suggest that a committee member and coach within your Club complete this course. This is also great starting point for achieving Star 3, as all committee members are required to complete this course. To complete the Complaint Handling Course click here

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