Interactive Scenarios

Interactive Scenarios

Participation in calisthenics, in fact any form of sport or recreation should be fun.  This is particularly important at community level. Preventing and eliminating discrimination and harassment goes a long way to ensure enjoyment for everyone.

Play by the Rules provides information and online training on discrimination, harassment and child protection to address inappropriate behaviour in sport. It is supported by the Australian Government and each State and Territory Government.

Play by the Rules has developed short interactive scenarios on topical issues and challenges occurring in sport. These scenarios let you explore your understanding and beliefs about issues as well as provide practical tips about inclusive, safe and fair sports practices and procedures.

Scenarios include:

  • Disability inclusion
  • Homophobia and sexuality discrimination
  • Over Training or Suspicion of Harm
  • Pregnancy and participation
  • Religious inclusion
  • Restricted access (sex discrimination)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Team selection (junior sport)
  • Verbally abusive coach

You can find and complete the interactive scenarios by visiting the Play by the Rules website.
Play by the Rules website