Elite Performance Team

Elite Performance Program - International and Domestic opportunities for elite performers

In 2016, CVI introduced a new program, named the Elite Performance Program, to Victorian Calisthenics. This program offered the best Victorian Calisthenics participants the opportunity to train and perform on the international and domestic stage.

This Elite Team was developed tol enhance the reputation and understanding of Calisthenics internationally and domestically and provide coaches and participants with:

• a memorable international career highlight
• the opportunity to perform at an international iconic performing arts venue
• high profile local performing opportunities at a selection of Victoria’s many showcase arts, cultural and sporting events
• a pathway to demonstrate skills at the highest level of performance

International Opportunity

The overseas element of the Elite Performance Program took place in July 2016, where 40 participants from the EPP program (across Junior, Intermediate, and Senior sections) traveled to America to perform at Disneyland, Anaheim, Los Angeles, United States of America.  

Domestic Event Promotional Opportunities

A domestic team was also selected to perform at Victorian public events. This incl

Coaching Team

The coaching team was led by Natalie Bond, Sammi Lukey and Kim Jellis. They were supported by Alicia Gent, Jessica Germain, Carly McKenzie, Katelyn Pinal and Kate Bennett.