1. Check the 2019 Competition Allocation Spreadsheet (NB: there have been changes for 2019)
  2. Download the 2019 Team Comp Entry Spreadsheet
  3. Enable Editing on spreadsheet (top bar)
  4. Fill in club details on first tab (fields to be entered are highlighted)
  5. Select competition tabs club wishes to enter and fill in details – NB: your grading is now a dropdown option – please click on the box next to grading and a list will appear
  6. Once completed click back on ‘Club Info’ tab – a summary of entry fees owing to each competition will be shown.
  7. Pay each competition separately (details available on their competition entry information forms available to the left to download)
  8. Save As (CLUB NAME)_Comp Entries
  9. Download and fill in the DLP Waiver Form 
  10. Send entry spreadsheet and DLP waiver form to admin@calisthenics.asn.au 
  11. Please call the CVI Office 9562 6011 (during office hours 8am – 4pm) or email admin@calisthenics.asn.au if you have any questions or need assistance.