All teams competing in calisthenic competitions must adhere to the following rules and guidelines.

The Australian Calisthenic Federation Rules Committee set National Rules, which are the standard for all competitions and items throughout Australia. The Committee comprises delegates from all States and Territories who represent coaches, adjudicators and competition administrators.

Under the ACF Flexible Rules Policy (Appendix 1 – ACF National Rules), States/Territories are able to vary four of the rules to encourage and assist participation, and to meet theatre requirements.

The National Rules generally apply to technical issues in relation to choreography and the construction of items, for example; the inclusion of props, elevated steps and the correct use of apparatus.

The Special Victorian Rules are set by Calisthenics Victoria’s Competition Committee (as distinct from the State Championships Committee) and relate to the running of competitions, health and safety regulations and more recently the time limits for competitive items.

All metropolitan and country competitions in Victoria, excluding Royal South Street Ballarat, are registered with Calisthenics Victoria and must abide by the 2020 Victorian Team and Solo Competiton Rules.

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