Competition Resources


Competition Resources

Please see the section to the right for a list of competition resources that can be downloaded in PDF format. There is a lot of administrative preparation that takes place in order to allow Calisthenic competitions to run smoothly and successfully. The list includes resources for coaches, club administrators, team members, and the general Calisthenic community. 

2016 Trial Crits for Minimal Rules and Junior Sections

During the 2016 team competition season, ASCA Victoria are continuing their trial on a revised Critique format.  In 2015 a smaller trial was conducted where Champ Seniors and all Masters at one competition joined us in trialling and giving feedback.  After compiling the feedback, some adjustments have been made and we now are ready to continue this trial.  Two new versions are to be trialled:  Standard Rules version will be trialled in ALL sections of Junior sections at all competitions.  Minimal Rules version will be trailed for all sections involved (ie Champ Inters, Champ Reserve Seniors & Champ Seniors) at all competitions.  Towards the end of the competition season, we will again ask for feedback from all coaches involved and also adjudicators to gauge the direction for the future.

The major differences are as follows:
• Some changes in mark distribution,  including 30 points for Choreography
• Breakup of components in Choreography to two sections: Music & Movement Selection (10) plus Composition (20)
• Standard Rules will retain full marks in all components
• Minimal Rules continues with the tick boxes and the suggestion from 2015 to include each component mark has been embraced
• Minimal Rules has a total mark only

Both formats include room for comments and also the instant visual of markup grid for coaches reference.

ASCA Victoria look forward to your responses later in the year and, as usual, will consider all submissions to ensure that the best outcome for all stakeholders is achieved.

(The critques are available for download on the right hand side of this page.)