Star Club Program

Designed to assist Clubs to identify, prioritise and implement effective management strategies.

The Calisthenics Victoria Inc. (CVI) Star Club Program is a quality assurance program endorsed by Sport and Recreation Victoria and Vicsport, designed to assist Clubs to identify, prioritise and implement effective management strategies to meet the changing demands on calisthenic clubs.

Launched at CVI’s Annual General Meeting in 2013 the program is designed to assist clubs to develop in the following key areas; Administration, Governance, Membership, Communication, Sports Development, Marketing and Promotion

In late 2015, CVI conducted a comprehensive review of all of the current clubs to better understand their engagement with Star Club. CVI’s objectives were to understand what aspects of the program were the most beneficial and to gage where we can improve in order that this program is easier to integrate into clubs.

All Star Club levels have now been updated to ensure there is a logical progression throughout the levels and that each level builds on its predecessor.Through the Star Club Program CVI will provide:
• Tools and resources to educate, support and recognise club volunteers, coaches, parents and pupils
• Policy, procedure and planning templates in order to reduce complaints or general issues

In line with the review, all CVI Affiliated clubs must achieve a minimum Star Two rating by December 2017.

We hope that all clubs recognise the benefits of taking part in this program and reap the rewards as a result.

Rewards Include;
• Discounted CVI Merchandise
• Discounted Cali- Bear hire
• Discounted Coaching Courses
• Free pupil registrations
• Two for One CVI State Championships Audience Tickets

Star One

All clubs automatically enter the Star Club Program at Star One having met CVI affiliation requirements.

Star Two

Star Two will focus on setting a strong administration and governance foundation for your club. The requirements of Star Two will inform your club of CVI and Legislative minimum requirements in areas such as child protection, information privacy, social media and employment of coaches.

Many clubs will find they are already completing a number of the requirements and that the club is well on their way to achieving Star Two.

Star Two Information Sheet

Star Three

Star Three will place an emphasis on developing strong governance practices and developing clear processes. This will include the training of committee members, sound financial management practices and how teams and coaches are selected.

The requirements of Star Three will continue to build on the requirements of Star Two and will support many aspects of the club environment.

Star Three Information Sheet
Star Three Checklist

Star Four

At this level, your club is expected to not only be continuing the work done through Star Two and Three, but also be actively thinking and planning for the future. There will be an importance placed on planning for the future, supporting your volunteers and providing professional development opportunities for committee members and coaches.

The requirements of Star Four ensure clubs are thinking about their long term sustainability and their continued quality assurance through sound policy development.

Star Four Information Sheet
Star Four Checklist

Star Five

Star Five is the highest level achievable in the Star Club Program. Clubs who have achieved this level have placed a high priority on good governance and administration and have demonstrated commitment to these important areas through policy development, processes and procedures.

Many aspects of club development have been achieved to reach this level and Star Five will focus on strengthening those aspects and ensuring the longevity of the club into the future.

Star Five Information Sheet
Star Five Checklist

To obtain a support resources pack, containing a detailed checklist on how to achieve each star and the template required, contact CVI Club and Community Development Manager.

Email Club and Community Development Manager