Amendments to Calisthenics Victoria Incorporated Competition Rules 2017

The Calisthenics Victoria Incorporated (CVI) Director of Competitions in conjunction with the CVI Victorian Competition Committee (VCC) and the Victorian Calisthenic Coaches Association (VCCA) have conducted research with their respective memberships regarding several competition areas. This research was conducted between May and July 2016 and the results analysed by the Victorian Competition Committee in conjunction with the CVI Office. At its meeting of 23 August 2016 the CVI Board approved the following changes to take effect from 1 January 2017.

Bayside and Horsham Calisthenics Competitions start this weekend

The Bayside Calisthenics Competition will run from the 28 August until 17 September at George Jenkins Theatre, McMahons Rd, Frankston and Horsham Calisthenics College will host its 36th annual competition this weekend from Friday 26 August to Sunday 28 August at the Horsham Town Hall.

Volunteer and support your local Competition

The Victorian Calisthenics team competition season started on 17 July and ends on 29 October 2016. In total there are 11 metropolitan competitions and 5 regional competitions across the state.

With such a busy competition schedule, volunteers are urgently needed to assist and support with competition operations. The optimum number of volunteers at each competition will help ensure Victorian participants have the best experience during the competitive season.

2016 CVI State Championships start on Saturday

The 2016 CVI State Championships starts on Saturday 20 August and run until Sunday 2 October. Teams will compete at the Besen Centre, Station Street, Burwood, the Kel Watson Theatre, McMahons Road, Burwood East and the Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo.

Western Competitions, Warrnambool and Barwon, start this weekend

The Warrnambool Calisthenics Competition is on this weekend from the 5  to the 7 of August, is part of the Warrnambool Eisteddfod and will run at the Gwen and Edna Jones Auditorium, Kings College, 44 Balmoral Road, Warrnambool.

The Barwon Calisthenics Competition runs from the 6 August to 18  September and will run at two venues, the Wyndham Cultural Centre, 177 Watton St, Werribee and the Geelong Performing Arts Centre, 50 Little Malop Street, Geelong. Street parking is available near both venues.

Mountain District and Northern District Calisthenics Competitions start this weekend.

The Mountain District Calisthenic Competition runs from Friday 5 August until Sunday 18 September 2016 and takes place at the Kel Watson Theatre, Forest Hills College, Mahoney’s Rd, Burwood East. Session programs can be downloaded from the Mt District website,