Mixed Calisthenics - Setting the record straight

Thank-you to those who have already provided us with feedback on Mixed Calisthenics, by completing our online survey.  It's certainly been a hot topic amongst the Calisthenics community, which is great to see.  However, there have been some negative comments floating around about the impact that Mixed Calisthenics could have on our traditional "Female only" brand of Calisthenics so to clear things up, please note the following.

Mixed Calisthenics - Tell us what you think

Ever thought about Mixed Calisthenics?

CVI are looking at the viability of allowing males aged over 15 to participate in Competitive Calisthenics, but we need your thoughts.  Currently, males up to the age of 14 years old can compete in Calisthenics.  Even if you have no interest in Mixed Calisthenics, please give us your feedback. It will only take a couple of minutes and will be significant in how we proceed with our planning.

Mixed Calisthenics Survey

Class Assistants and Helpers Course

The VCCA is offering a free seminar for class assistants and helpers on - 3rd April 2011 at Hawthorn Youth Club.  Many coaches are fortunate to have Intermediate or Senior pupils at their Clubs assisting in their younger sections. These girls generally do an amazing job with little or no training. The VCCA would like to support Coaches and Class Helpers and Assistants by providing a free, informative but fun short training course for Class Helpers and Assistants.

Competition Review

During 2010 a Competition Review Sub Committee was formed to assess the current arrangements for competitions held in Victoria under the auspices of Calisthenics Victoria Inc.

The review was focused on making Calisthenics more attractive to families, the audience and also taking into consideration participant satisfaction.

You have already been advised of the reduced maximum time limits for items in 2011 and the following guidelines (rules) will be adopted for 2011 on a trial basis for Team Competitions:

CVI Membership Benefits Scheme - Have your say!

We are in the process of evaluating our current Membership Benefits Scheme and would like your feedback on how we can improve it for you in the future.  This online survey will only take 5 minutes to complete but will provide us with the information we need to increase the value of the membership card to you and your family.
CVI Membership Benefits Scheme Evaluation

Change of Rules - 15 Year Old Seniors at Ballarat.

CVI Committee of Management has approved an amendment to the Flexible ACF Rules For Victoria 2011 which will remove an anomaly that allowed a 15 year old pupil – under extenuating circumstances to compete as a Senior at CVI State Championships (our primary competition), plus all other Victorian competitions, but not at Royal South Street Ballarat.

Rule 1.4  AGES – will now read –
• A pupil who is 15 years of age at 31st. December, will be permitted to appear in the Senior section provided: