Who is Calisthenics Victoria?

Calisthenics Victoria is the recognised state sporting association for calisthenics in Victoria.

We are a member based organisation, governed by a voluntary Board who oversee the strategic direction of the organisation.

The Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting, and includes: President, Secretary, Director of Finance, Director of Competitions, Adjudicator Representative, Coach Representative and up to four General Members who meet monthly and make decisions relating to the future direction of the sport. Volunteer committees coordinate a number of areas including the State Championships, Competitions, Grading and our talented Coaches throughout Victoria.

Calisthenics Victoria has an office in Oakleigh, with a team of committed staff who manage the day to day administration of the sport, volunteers, committees, clubs, coaches, performers and their families, and works with a range of stakeholders outside the sport.

Calisthenics Victoria Board

President – Angela Wijeratne

As President of the CVI Board, Angela has led the team through a period of significant change and development, and is entering her fourth year in the position.  Some of her achievements include a Good Governance Review, introduction of a Board of Governance, sub-committee improvements including developing Terms of Reference, revised structures, succession planning and meeting protocols, the introduction of a Compliance Committee, and leading the Strategic Planning process for 2016-2018.

Angela’s love of calisthenics began at the age of 9 when she joined the Dandenong Calisthenic Club’s junior team under the guidance of Julie Waite.  She later spent 21 years at St Gerards Calisthenic Club as a mother and committee member, holding the positions of President, Vice President and General Member.  She also competed as a Master at St Gerards!  Today, she is the grandmother of Remy who performs at Berwick Calisthenics Club.

Professionally, Angela, her husband and son run a successful accounting practice where she is the Practice Manager.  She has also administered the Aus-Lanka South Cricket Tours to Sri Lanka for the past 6 years, volunteers on the Board of Management of the Singithi Sevana Children’s Home—Colombo Sri Lanka—raising funds for the betterment of abandoned children in Sri Lanka.  In 2015 Angela won a Victorian Women’s Good Governance Scholarship through Women on Boards.  She used this scholarship to complete and graduate the Australian Institute of Company Director’s Course.


Director of Finance – Shane Bond

Shane Bonds’ knowledge and life experiences in sport at the highest level, board membership, financial planning and small business if of great benefit to the CVI board. Shane is the Principal Founder of SBA Financial Pty Ltd and has been in the Financial Planning and Life Broking business for more than 40 years. Shane has attained CFP accreditation, a Diploma in Financial Planning in 1999, a Diploma in Mortgages (2013) and a Certificate in Self-Managed Super Funds (Kaplan). His expertise is in Wealth Management and Financial Planning.

Shane has been involved with Calisthenics for over 30 years as a support to his wife Robyn (who is Principal and Founder of Robynmore Calisthenics College and daughters Stefanie and Natalie (both of whom have represented Victoria as participants and coaches).

Shane played football at the highest level for Collingwood FC and North Melbourne FC. He was a member of Collingwood in the 1977 draw and the lost grand final the week after. Shane has previously sat on the board of Australian Financial Services (a dealer group that had over 100 practices participating).

Secretary – Margaret Sprague

Margaret has been involved with Calisthenics for the past 59 years, in varying roles. Margaret’s involvement in Calisthenics began at St Cecilia’s Calisthenic Club, before she moved to Minerva Calisthenic College. She currently has granddaughters at Merinda and Bundoora. Margaret and her daughters, Vanessa and Toni, have run the Northern District Callisthenic Competitions for the past 15 years.

Margaret founded Bundoora Calisthenics Club in 1968,of which she is a Life Member.  She has also held a position on the Grading Committee and been a Victorian Competitions representative. Margaret was awarded volunteer of the Year in 2012.


Director of Competitions – Shirley Pettitt

Shirley joined the adjudicator association in 1998 and has been an active member of ASCA Committee since 2003, where she has held the positions of President for 5 years and is currently the Immediate Past President.  Shirley has also contributed as Assistant Secretary, Vice-President and representative for the Victorian Competition Committee.  her other Associations within Calisthenics include 7 years as an AAB delegate and 3 years on ACF Committee of Management as Director of Planning.

Shirley was literally born doing Calisthenics as her mother was still involved in a Married Ladies Class. Shirley’s first concert was at the age of 2! At 6 she commenced at Clifton Calisthenic College under the renowned training of Miss Vera Hopton. Her first RSSS adventure was also at the age of 6. After going through to seniors at Clifton, Shirley then started and coached her own class (all sections) and soloists, successfully elevating the class from lowest entry point to Division 1 and Championship at RSSS level.

Shirley has two adult children. Stacey, her daughter, has also been involved in Calisthenics since the age of 2 through to seniors. She now enjoys writing for her Mum from time to time to continue this involvement.  Shirley has obtained many achievements in her career including VCCA Life Membership, SRV Official of the Year 2008, and ASCA Life Member 2016.

ASCA Representative – Julie Fox

Julie began adjudicating in 1971, became a Level 1 Adjudicator in 1993, the inaugural year of accreditation, and an Advanced Level 2 Adjudicator in 1997. She has adjudicated the National Championships on three occasions, has extensive experience in adjudicating at RSSS (since 1976), CVI and many other Victorian and interstate competitions. Julie was appointed as an ACF Skills Examiner to Gold Medal level in 1985, and redeveloped the aesthetic and dance sections of the program. In 1995, she was appointed as an inaugural member of the ACF Examiners’ Advisory Board in 2000.

Julie commenced calisthenics at age 8 and joined Clifton Callisthenic College at age 15 where she enjoyed many successful years as a championship performer being coached by Miss Vera Hopton. She then went on to coach all age groups at this very successful Championship class.

In 2006Julie was awarded the ACF Official of the Year in 2006.  She is a life member of the Royal Academy of Dance and a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. In 2015, Julie was awarded a life membership to Calisthenics Victoria.

VCCA Representative – Keira Cowell

When she began her career as a calisthenics coach, Keira also began her connection to the VCCA. She has always been involved with the VCCA in some way and has held almost every position on the committee, from Minutes Secretary to President over the past 30 years!
In her most recent role of Coach Education Administrator, Keira has enjoyed getting to know many young coaches and providing seminars and workshops aimed at helping to continue to raise the standard of coaching in Victoria.

Having been involved in Calisthenics for more than 45 years, Keira is a well-known and respected member of the calisthenics community. Keira proudly spent all of her calisthenics years as a pupil at Dorset Calisthenics College, and at 18, Keira qualified as a Coach.  After gaining coaching experience at Dorset and other clubs, she opened her own club, Lotus Calisthenics, 22 years ago.  It was only in 2015 that Keira stepped down from Lotus as Principal Coach, ending a huge era in her life.

Keira’s professional life merged with her passion for calisthenics, as she was a Performing Arts Teacher for 30 years at a number of schools across Melbourne. Stepping onto the Board seemed a natural step for Keira and she contributes to the progression of the sport.

General Member – Jessica Quayle


Jessica holds a Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences (Ergonomics), an Internal Auditing qualification, Cert IV in Training and Assessment and a Diploma in Business Management. Jessica has worked in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management for the past nine years for large corporations gaining experience in numerous industries including manufacturing, mining, construction, logistics, and waste and resource recovery. She also held a position on the Raieburn Committee of Management for five years where her focus was on marketing and publicity for the club. She developed and managed their digital interfaces and was photographer at club events. Jessica joined the CVI Compliance Committee which allowed her to apply her risk managed skills to the CVI Office and the Victorian State Team, and participate in the CVI Insurance Policy Review.

Calisthenics has been a part of Jessica’s life for over 25 years. She competed for 20 years at Raieburn Calisthenics Club, joining in Tinies and working through to seniors. She also had the pleasure of being an Assistant and Vocal Coach for the Raieburn Juniors and Intermediates.  When she isn’t on the stage performing in amateur musical theatre you can find her in the backstage crew, operating lighting or stage managing for numerous amateur theatre companies across Melbourne.

Jessica will continue to apply her risk management skills to improve the safety and wellbeing of our coaches, adjudicators, performers and volunteers in calisthenics; ensuring we have safe venues, safe events and safe procedures to reduce injuries in our sport and improve the calisthenics experience for all. Her focus is on making decisions with the best interests of our members and our sport in mind and at heart; striving towards a sustainable future for calisthenics in Victoria.

CVI Board General Member – Pippa Sampson

Pippa Sampson has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law from Monash University and has been a Practicing Legal Practitioner for 34 years. Pippa has also owned her own business and worked as a Principle of GE Law Services. She has practised in Commercial Law, Business Law, Local Governments Law and litigation. Outside of this, she has extensive history working in the community including being a Methodist Ladies’ College Board Member and Subcommittee Member of Audit, Development, Finance & Corporate Governance (14 years); MLC Investments Pty. Ltd fund management (8 years); National Advisory Council to Commonwealth Government Unemployed & Youth & Community Youth Support Network (4 years); Pro- Bono Advisor to National Council of Women.

Pippa was introduced to Calisthenics as a mother of daughters who competed at Ceres Calisthenics Club.

CVI Board General Member – Les Margaris

Les brings a fresh perspective to the CVI Board, with two daughters who are relatively new to calisthenics.

With over 25 years’ experience in the Corporate Services arena, he currently holds the position of Manager, Accounts Receivable within DHHS.  In his time at DHHS, he has served on several committees and has had the opportunity to serve as President of the DHHSC.

Les’ fresh outlook, combined with extensive experience serving on a Board, offers the CVI Board and members a strong sense of balance, professionalism and specific expertise.
In his time on the CVI board, Les has been impressed with the Strategic Direction and commitment to Good Governance practices.  He looks forward to representing the most important people in calisthenics – the performers and their families – to ensure that calisthenics continues to thrive into the future.