State Sporting Associations Participation Project

In July 2011, CVI were awarded a VicHealth grant to help make our sport more attractive to people with a disability.

One of 30 VicHealth State Sporting Association Participation Program grant recipients in Victoria, CVI will implement state-wide initiatives designed to bring about sustainable organisational and cultural change to boost community participation in sports over the next three years.

Through the grant funding and the support of our partners CVI will make Calisthenics more accessible to people with a disability. We will be working alongside Access All Abilities Providers, Special Development Schools , the Victorian Calisthenics Coaches Association and Victorian Calisthenics Clubs to create participation opportunities for people with disabilities. CVI will also focus on creating welcoming and inclusive club environments for people with a disability.

The Cal-ability program has been established by to ensure that our sport truly is ‘something for everyone’.

The program is delivered with two approaches:
• Training and Education
• School and specialised programs

Training and Education

Having identified the benefits for people of all abilities to participate in calisthenics, the Cal-ability program aims to:
• Educate coaches, clubs and officials on how to create an inclusive environment
• Instil confidence in coaches, clubs and officials to work with children of all abilities
• Increase participation numbers
• Create a positive environment and culture within CVI
• Ensure CVI’s governance reflects an inclusive environment

We do this via:
• Seminars, presentations and workshops for coaches, club officials and committees
• Resource development including online coaching module, manuals, DVD’s, posters etc.
• Increased promotion of calisthenics within a number of disability sector networks
• Training of Committee of Management and Administration Staff
• Development of an Inclusive Action Plan and Policies to reflect this direction

School and Specialised Programs

For more information about our Cal-Ability program, click on the link below.
Cal-Ability page